What is Denture treatment ?

As responsible dentistry practitioners, we try to preserve the natural teeth of the patient before resorting to dentures. Dentures are removable replacements of a teeth set that can improve your aesthetics and give you a great reason to smile. If all your natural teeth have suffered serious or partial damage or a combination of two, you can opt for our reliable and natural-looking dentures. There are various reasons for which such a damaging effect takes place. An injury, tooth decay, cavity and gum disease are the most common causes.

In the absence of teeth, facial muscles appear saggy and this lends an absolutely older appearance to a person. Implanting the dentures can fill the space and tighten the muscles that will restore the younger look of the face. A close resemblance of the natural teeth, our high quality dentures can even result in enhancing the smile. We have three basic varieties of dentures for varying needs of people – conventional, immediate and overdenture. The major benefit of these dentures over other implants is that you can take them out and insert again at your own ease.

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