What is dental Implants

Dental implants are highly accepted technique related to prosthetic replacement of missing teeth. A surgical component usually titanium is placed into the jawbone and then it is left to merge with the bone for a couple of months. The length and cost of the treatment or implants may vary from patient to patient. The factors that cause the variation are needs, material used, jawbone condition, dental and medical history of a patient.

The fusion of the component used during dental implants with the jawbone is identical to a natural tooth. It is because the implant has a great stability and it is capable of standing on its own without affecting the teeth nearby. Our implants are of high standard that mimic the natural teeth and are difficult to recognise them as being artificial. Our dentists carry on the process of dental implants only after a thorough examination and clinical assessment process to decide the suitability of the process. We also ensure in our follow-up appointments that the healing process is timely and no infection occurs.

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